[SCAM] FAUCET 1Katoshi

  • Voici le message des admins sur Facebook :

    "We have to explain the situation, because this is our project, not just mine. We are earning together.

    With the current settings (claim rewards, bonus etc), in just 48 hours, you have claimed more than 22 million satoshi.
    We are not Microsoft and this is not Bill Gates writing, so we cannot pay out 22 million satoshi.

    Our easiest solution is to reset balances and restart with different settings, with lower earnings and lower threshold.

    In this way, you will be able to withdraw after some days, and who wants to make big money will be able too, because we will add new features in the next months.

    Today in afternoon we will close 1Katoshi for around 30 minutes, after that we will restart with new settings."

    En gros tout ce qu’on a gagné sur ce faucet est annulé, supprimé… donc ils ne paient pas…


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