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    Hello !!
    Je suis novice dans la cryptomonnaie, une connaissance a partagé ce poste sur Facebook.

    Vous en pensez quoi ?

    Dear friends,
    I have been looking at various Cryptocurrency opportunities for some time, but through a very serious professional Trader connection of mine from Singapore, I have been given the opportunity to register my interests in Cryptaur, the new Cryptocurrency opportunity that is launching in October of 2017.
    This is a “private invitation” prior to full launch in October 2017 and you will NOT be asked for ANY money/investment before that launch.
    On launch day, whoever is registered, is guaranteed a buying price of $0.006USD cents (0.6 of a cent) per Cryptaur currency, which is at the very least expected to “open” at circa $1.00 USD (1 dollar USD)
    If you merely decide to build your own network of family and friends, and not invest yourself, so it costs you absolutely ZERO, you can still earn a good percentage of the profits that your network earns
    NOTE! After registration to contribute you will need to join a group.
    Please use this link:
    To give you some confidence and comfort in Cryptaur Cryptocurrency, some of the very first people to invest in Bitcoin are the founders and developers of Cryptaur, so you can be assured that they know all there is to know about this type of currency and how to run the company for everyone’s gain.

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    @JulienT75 Cryptaur est une arnaque

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