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    Block explorer :block.monacocoin.net:8080


    Exchange :

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    Vote complete - MCC add to exchange in few day !
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    Comming soon


    The MonacoCoin project is a world first that aims to integrate cryptographic money secure in an environment of real use. The country of Monaco is a perfect ground for the integration of currencies in small-scale businesses. This project wants to know as much as possible the cryptographic currency and especially its potential usable in our financial exchanges of all days.
    MonacoCoin aims to federate a large number of Monegasque businesses and provide them with smartphone and credit card applications for end users, as well as payment terminals dedicated to Monegasque merchants.

    The country of Monaco is part of a safe and reliable exchange process to become a forerunner in the field of blockchain-based technologies.

    The development of physical means of payments will be financed by the valuation of the currency on the markets finance.

    The developers of MonacoCoin want to propose a powerful system inspired by an already functional base, therefore they decided to modify the latest version of the DashCore in order to launch a first version secure, reliable and easily usable. Afterwards, the evolution of the code will be detached from the Dash code in order to propose these proposals innovations and especially to adapt to the demand and the observations of the users of this currency in the country of Monaco.


    The MCC project already has more than 40 servers distributed worldwide with more than 25,000 block already generating

    You can start mining today or help the project:

    You can buy directly 1000 MCC for start masternode to exchange plateform

    A tutorial and technical support are available for technical questions to the masternodes start.

    English - https://monacocoin.net/en/tutoriel-how-to-create-masternode/


    [s]- Writing ideas - September 2016

    • Creation of the MonacoCoin team - December 2016
    • Implementation of objectives - January 2017
    • Implementation of the website - March 2017
    • Configuring Client / Server MCC - March 2017
    • Creation of the primary network - March 2017
    • Creation of the portfolio - April 2017
    • Network Testing - April 2017
    • Start of block generation - June 2017
    • Activation of masternodes - July 2017
    • Activation of sporks - August 2017
    • Public launch of the bitcointalk - August 2017[/s]
    • Publication on social networks - August 2017
    • Implementation of the translations on the site - September 2017
    • Publication of technical developments - October 2017
    • Integration test in real situation - November 2017
    • Activations Superblock and Object Governance - January 2018
    • Launch of version v2 of mcc March 2018
    • International Exhibition of Cryptographic Currency in Monaco - April 2018


    Specifications :

    - Algorithme : X11
       - POW & POS
       - Symbol : MCC
       - Block time : 120 seconds
       - Recalculed difficulty : Every block
       - Max coin available : 20 Millions
       - Transaction confirmation : 6 block
       - Mining maturation time: 100 block
       - P2P port: 24156
       - RPC port: 24157
       - Masternodes creation : 1000MCC
        -Masternodes Confirmations : 15 confirmations
       - Gouvernance Objest : 50 MCC for project send to the networks

    Networks more informations:

    - Spork System : Available
       - Instant X : Available (limit at 500 MCC)
       - DarkSend Systeme : Available
       - Gouvernance Object Systeme : Available after block 130000
           . Cycle of 21000 Block
           . Windows payements 100 Block
       - Superblock System : Available after block 150000
           . Cycle 21000 Block
       - Masternodes System : Available after block 1000
           . Reward up after block 131400 (about 6 months)
           . Progressive increase : every 21600 block (1 month)
       - Security BIP34 and others BIP : Available after 5000 blocks


    Start mining now :

    Pool server :

    ** lpool.name**

    parameter to connect : -o stratum+tcp://lpool.name:3533 -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=MCC

    Bounty/Donate: MF4ReKN491YaPHQmUYQt5iytHBut1PJXQu (MCC)

    Node list: http://lpool.name/explorer/peers?id=1841]
    Explorer: http://lpool.name/explorer/MCC

    ew Mining pool for MCC!  http://SteamOctanePool.com - High performance scalable cloud based pool based on the Yiimp platform.

    ONLY 1% FEE!

    Use the following for mining.  Remember to put your address in your username.

    -a x11 -o stratum+tcp://steamoctanepool.com:3533 -u [Your Address Here] -p c=MCC

    Donate Address: MR7r1SF19HMomBu9KaNrMG8HNLBB4uTiTV (MCC)



    stratum+tcp://miningpool.thruhere.net:7710 -u YOURWALLETHERE -p x

    3 available ports!
    Port: 7700-- Diff 0.01
    Port: 7710-- VarDiff: 0.01-10 (use as default)
    Port: 7720-- Diff:10(use for hashmining or miningrigrentals)

    Fees 1.5%
    Email: theminingpool.mine@gmail.com
    tweeter: https://twitter.com/The_MiningPool


    Block repartition for POW:

    Block 1 à 7200 – >
    Gouvernance division :

    20% For networks (dedicated server buy, security of networks …)
       30% For communication (social media, publication internet and papers)
       10% for devellopeur and technical update
       50% for R&D payement terminal for customer and trader

    Block 7200 a 270000 -> 10 MCC per block (about 12 months) 2.628 Millions MCC

    Block 270001 à 532800 -> 5 MCC per block (about 12 mois)  1.314 Millions MCC

    Block 532801 à 1058400 -> 3 MCC per block (about 24 mois) 1.576 Millions MCC

    Block 1058401 à 1584000 -> 2 MCC per block (about 24 mois)  1.051 Millions MCC

    After block 1584001 -> 1 MCC per block soit 525600 MCC per years.

    Block distribution for POS :

    Generated for masternodes:

    Until block 131400 : 20% of block (around 2 MCC par block)

    After 9 months 50 % reward of block.


    Technologie information :

    The masternodes are the main actors in the network, maintaining a constant amount of 1000 MCC which enables them to claim a payment of interest to each block generates, the masternodes are randomly and proportionally drawn so that each Masternodes has a payment. It is possible to see the winning masternodes by simply typing in the console “masternodes winners” you will then have the list of MCC addresses for future blocks.
    The Masternodes also helps maintain a reliable and fast connection network worldwide.

    Governance System :
    This system allows a masternodes to present a project on the networks. All masternodes will then be able to vote “yes” or “no” for this project.
    This project represents a creation of MCC currencies over a period of time, ex “100 MCC per month for 3 months To help an association for buy fournitures”.
    The person who wants to present is project will have to pay a creation fee of 50 MCC (Distributed between the masternodes)
    The project will have a website motivating each masternodes will be able to decide whether to validate or not. This system creates currency with the agreement of the main actors of the network in order to carry out a specific project.

    Spork System:
    The spork system is “soft fork” and “hard fork” compression, which means that MonacoCoin developers can work across the masternodes servers network and change some variable without the client restarting or installing a new version. The variables available and in progress are visible by typing in the console “spork show”.
    These variables do not affect the value of the generation of the currency or the control of the masternodes, but only on variables of programming and maintaining the security of the network, such as the maximum instant send value …
    Subsequently MonacoCoin developers will add additional variables in order to make operation even safer and above all more fluid networks.

    Instant X:
    You can send funds between MCC wallet faster to the support of masternodes. The validation of the transaction will therefore be faster but limit to about 500 MCC. The transaction cost will be higher than a typical transaction to sponsor the use of the masternodes that have validated the transaction.

    DarkSend and Mixer:
    DarkSend and a function that makes anonymous part of your MCC wallet. The parts once anonymize will then be available only on DarkSend networks and can be exchanged anonymously between wallet. The anonymization of the currency involves a variable cost depending on the volume to be processed and take a long time.

    Last Spork update :

    SPORK_5_INSTANTSEND_MAX_VALUE = 500 le 05/08/17


    Tutoriels and help :

    For create Masternode :
    See the tutorial:
    English - http://monacocoin.net/en/tutoriel-how-to-create-masternode/
    French - http://monacocoin.net/fr/masternode-creation/

    For connect your wallet or server to tor proxy :
    See the tutorial:
    English - https://monacocoin.net/en/tutoriel-connect-to-tor-proxy/
    French - https://monacocoin.net/fr/tutoriel-se-connecter-tor/

    Wallet download
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    Follow :

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    Node public DNS :


    Node public IP :

    Many thanks to the many messages of support we received while the project was not yet published. Do not hesitate to communicate us your ideas and subjects.

    This post will be completed in the course of time in order to inform the new information



    For translate offert 100 MCC per translate (contract team by email) :

    indonesian : claim by coinsminer2017 (12/08/17) in progress


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