Avec ou sans les banques ?

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    Un article de fond, toujours intéressant pour la réflexion
    => http://www.iris.xyz/perspective/most-read-iris-articles-week-july-24-28

    Quote : " The libertarians in the bitcoin community think I’m a government agent trying to push everything back into the state system.
    My response is simple : if you understand that money purely exists to allow governments to use this as a control mechanism, then do you really think governments are going to let it go out into the wild and no longer be controlled ? I just don’t see that happening.
    Equally, the FinTech community started out by saying, “we’ll destroy the banks.” I disagreed. You’ll change the banking model and collaborate with the banks, but you’ll never destroy the banks because they exist for a reason, which is that governments give them a licence to store value, and knowing that they have that license, you can trust them to store that value.
    If you put money into bitcoin and store it on Mt.Gox [a Bitcoin exchange], then you lose it, as I did! The most surprising thing to me is the naivety of a lot of people who believe that they can do things without government control and without regulation.
    What’s interesting right now is that you have a lot of FinTech companies that started out with the idea of disrupting and destroying the banks, look at them today and they are now partnering and collaborating with the banks. That’s because they eventually realized the complications and that global trade doesn’t take place overnight when you don’t trust each other. You have to create a system that enables that trust to be regulated and structured.
    Now, I’m not saying the global system is working well, because it’s not built for the internet age. That’s where FinTechs see their opportunity. That’s why they have to collaborate with banks."

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    @gefinance article intéressant, merci !

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