La Russie et la Chine préparent leur propre cryptomonnaie nationale

  • Je me réfère à cet excellent article paru ce 24 juillet :

    Note : Le texte est la transcription de la vidéo

    Je cite :
    “Governments like China and Russia, which are seeking to create their own digital currencies” /
    “The question is can you trust the private hands who are issuing Ethers as much or more as you trust governments. So governments are being to say let’s create our own version, … because otherwise, you are going to end up with private sector currencies that possibly are trusted more than government currencies, and that will lead to transactions offline that governments can’t see.”

    Plutôt incroyable , non ?! Ils veulent vraiment TOUT contrôler !!

  • Le rêve d’un monde “libre” n’aura duré qu’un instant …

    Je cite :
    " You have got to get familiar with quantum computing … because of the speed at which you can process information. We now have quantum computers. The Chinese apparently have the fastest … basically you can break a block chain password or a Bitcoin password in like less than a minute if you have a quantum computer."

    “…with blockchain you have total transparency over every single step of a transaction, complete providence of every single transaction”

    (A noter que l’article ne retranscrit pas l’entièreté de l’interview)


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