[Online] Blockchain With The Best Conference 11 June 2016

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    Blockchain With The Best: A one-day online conference tailored for developers

    Blockchain With The Best is a technical conference tailored for those who want to explore Blockchain technology much deeper. After five successful conferences (AI, IoT, VR, Hadoop and Unity), With The Best is now back covering : Blockchain, FinTech, Cryptocurrency, Docker, Security, Distributed Systems, Arbitrary Computations, Multi-Threaded Trading and much more.

    The most pristine speakers come from Coinbase, Eris Industries, BlockStack, BlockCypher, Netki, ConsenSys… check out our full agenda on our website blockchain.withthebest.com

    All the speakers will have a 30-minute tech talk, followed by a 20-minute Q&A session in which you can get answers to your pressing questions. Do you have a speaker that you must talk to? Then pre-book a 1-to-1 session and have your own time with a Blockchain guru.

    Each talk will help you gain insight into the latest Blockchain technologies and how these are applied. You can enjoy:

    • Chatroom: ask your questions live;
    • Face-to-face session: interview with the experts;
    • Questions / Forum: open source section for all to share ideas/links;
    • Replay: recordings & Slideshare links available for 2 months;

    We are waiting for you Saturday, June 11th on Blockchain.withthebest.com

    Date: Saturday, June 11th – 10am / 6pm (EDT)
    Official Twitter & Hashtag: @LearnWTB / #BlockchainWTB
    Themes: #Blockchain - #FinTech - #Bitcoin

    Albinouchou 1 Reply
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    Pas très francophone tout ça… 😉

    ffmad 1 Reply
  • Bitcoiner Lightning Network AssoCryptoFR Admin -

    @Albinouchou Nope. Et ils sont un peu lourd dans leur promo aussi …

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    Oh pardon - j’aurais du l’écrire en Fran¸çais en effet! Mais le conf c’état en anglais donc c’était pour ca…
    On est super francophiles - BeMyApp est une startup français déja (leader de Hackathons!) et a un super communaté de devs. Désolée que l’approche c’était lourde! A bientot

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