Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta 23 October

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    Blockchain conference for fintech leaders: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will take place in Malta
    On October 23, St. Julian’s will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta – a large-scale event dedicated to blockchain, topical trends in the cryptocurrency market, and ICO projects. A single platform will gather the international crypto community, top blockchain developers, and business representatives.
    Why Malta ?
    The government of Malta actively works on the development of transparent and favorable laws in the field of blockchain industry regulation. There are plans to establish a special agency – a Digital Innovation Authority that would control and certify blockchain companies. Besides, DLT legislation is being drafted as well as a regulatory framework for ICOs.
    The first draft law of the Digital Innovation Authority has already been introduced to the public. The paper received a very positive feedback from industry representatives. Not a single government has offered a comprehensive draft legislation to regulate the activity of blockchain platforms.
    These steps have already given first results. Cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Okex are relocating their headquarters to Malta. Senior management of such crypto companies as Monaco Card, BigONE, and Tron Foundation have also expressed intention to open offices on the island.
    What waits for guests?
    Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta is a B2B event held annually in the format of a conference and an exhibition area. In 2017, 400 guests attended the event, 16 top speakers gave presentations, and 20 companies presented their booths in the exhibition area. Among guests, one could find Maltese government officials and the President of the Free Republic of Liberland.
    The international company Smile-Expo, the organizer, reports that in 2018, the conference program will be even more intense with new relevant discussion topics. Speakers will include global crypto experts, investors, developers, representatives of successful blockchain startups.
    Furthermore, guests will be able to attend the exhibition area with booths of blockchain software developers, mining hardware, and related industry services.
    Register to the conference now and pay €130 instead of €399.

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    Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta will discuss blockchain application areas

    Use of the blockchain technology moved beyond the financial sector a long time ago. Currently, one can encounter it in the marine industry, logistics, gaming, real estate field, land cadastre, and medicine.

    On October 28, Malta will host the second international Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, offering two panel discussions: one dedicated to blockchain regulation, and the other focused on prospects of ICO and DLT business.

    However, the conference will not be restricted to a standard program. This time, attendees will enjoy an intensive Case study workshop. Speakers will share the following case studies:

    blockchain and pharmaceutic supplies;
    blockchain integration in the marine industry, public transport, and aviation (supplies, logistics);
    blockchain for marine insurance;
    registration of land lots and sale of real estate (implementation examples in Georgia, Sweden, the UAE, Brazil);
    data protection using blockchain technologies;
    blockchain and transparency of the taxation system.
    As a bonus:

    blockchain for certification in education;
    cryptocurrency trading;
    blockchain and hotel business;
    blockchain and IoT.

    Source: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta 23 October

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    Maltese Parliament has approved new crypto regulations, Palladium and Bittrex have prepared the first ICCO in the world, and Moon Zebra has launched the two-way crypto ATM – these and other news from blockchain hub are presented in the video digest.

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