[ANN] [ICO] Safe Haven - The Solution to Digital Inheritance

  • Safe Haven is a digital inheritance blockchain platform that aims to protect and transfer the inheritable digital assets in a transparent and secure way without locking the owner out.

    Earlier this year, the cryptocurrency market passed $700 billion in total mark cap and received a tremendous surge in public interest. People have different goals when it comes to crypto investment, whether it is to establish financial independence or simply have some savings for their family. The ultimate goal is to build and protect your wealth for you and your family’s future. Security is the top concern due to the rising threat of crypto hacks, costing victims millions of dollars every year. Therefore, most digital assets are secured behind dozens of passwords, private keys, or seeds. The most common way to protect those seeds is to write them down and keep them offline.

    But what would happen to these assets if something happened to you? The thought of how your crypto assets can be inherited may have once crossed your mind. Unfortunately, there are many cases where people were unable to hand over their digital assets or provide adequate instructions for their loved ones to access them.

    Safe Haven is designed to solve this real-world problem by guaranteeing a safe and secure passage of those keys/seeds to the rightful inheritors in the event of the owner’s death.

    Token Symbol: SHA
    Number of Tokens: 85,000,000
    Mining algorithm: token is not mined but runs on the Ethereum network.
    Token standard: ERC20
    Type of cryptocurrency: Token
    Website: https://safehaven.io
    Whitepaper: https://safehaven.io/files/SafeHaven_WhitePaper.pdf
    Telegram: https://t.me/safehavenio

    Safe Haven proposes to build a platform that can handle the inheritance and protection of your crypto assets without locking you out. To be clear, Safe Haven will not directly transfer the fund to your rightful inheritors. Instead, they will utilize FC Share Distribution Key, Escrow Protocol, and the Trust Alliance Network (TAN) to encrypt and decrypt the private keys into shares which can be distributed among your family/friends in a transparent and secure manner. Shares can be seen as a piece of a puzzle and users are required to solve the puzzle with all of their shares in order to retrieve the private key after being validated by an assigned legal entity.

    The protocol is broken down into 3 steps:

    1. The user who wants to protect his crypto assets needs to plan out The Family Circle (TFC), which is a group of members that will receive shares of the private keys. They then go to a registered member of TAN, a group of legal entities, to process the necessary validation steps.

    2. The legal entity, who is preferred as a validator, divides the data (keys) into a number of shares. Those shares are then distributed by the specially designed TFC Share Distribution Protocol. The obtained shares of stakeholders are managed as a legal certificate by a notary and/or a hardware ledger. Some of the owner’s shares will be encrypted and sent to a decentralized blockchain in a form of Smart Contract to protect. By not keeping data in memory nor local/centralized databases, overall security is improved. Also, since the key is not completely stored in one place, it can never be compromised, and the owner has full control of their assets while they are still alive.

    3. The keys can only be retrieved when certain conditions are met. In the normal case, it requires a combination of all individual shares to reconstruct the key. For example, in case of a sudden death, legal documents are required to present to a member of Safe Haven’s Trust Alliance to be validated. Once the legal entity gives a necessary authorization as verified by Safe Haven, the missing shares will be retrieved from the blockchain. Users can also send some shares to the blockchain as a separate “backup” smart contract. These shares are called “fail-safe” share, which is used in case one of the rightful heirs lose his/her share.

    The white-paper also includes further mathematical and technical details of the platform as well as other applications for business, investment circles, and vaults. For more of these technical details, we kindly refer you to the the white-paper: https://safehaven.io/files/SafeHaven_WhitePaper.pdf.

  • @cryptolady, c’est une ICO dans laquelle je compte clairement investir. Petite question toutefois : qu’offre Safehaven que MyWish ou Digipulse n’offrent pas déjà ?

  • @ubik2097, je pense que cette ICO peut valoir le coup. Je suis Safe Haven depuis un certain temps déjà et ils ont le soutien de la chaîne YouTube Altcoin Buzz, qui compte à ce jour plus de 187000 abonnés. L’un de leurs conseillers est Jeff, le principal intervenant sur Altcoin Buzz.

    En plus de ça, c’est un projet qui concerne directement les détenteurs de crypto-monnaies qui souhaitent s’assurer que leurs fonds seront transférés en cas de décès.

    EDIT : j’avais oublié de dire que l’inscription à la liste blanche est ouverte jusqu’au 24 février, si je ne me trompe.

  • @cryptofolie
    Merci du tuyau, je vais regarder ça. J’aime le principe, après je me demande dans quelle mesure le marché aurait des clients potentiels. En général on se prépare à ce genre de choses quand le crépuscule est venu, or les personnes qui sont les cryptos sont rarement à un âge avancé (même s’il doit y avoir des exceptions).

  • @ubik2097 a dit dans [ANN] [ICO] Safe Haven - The Solution to Digital Inheritance :

    Merci du tuyau, je vais regarder ça. J’aime le principe, après je me demande dans quelle mesure le marché aurait des clients potentiels. En général on se prépare à ce genre de choses quand le crépuscule est venu, or les personnes qui sont les cryptos sont rarement à un âge avancé (même s’il doit y avoir des exceptions).

    Je ne sais pas si c’est parce que j’ai des enfants, mais j’avoue que je me suis déjà demandée : “mais qu’est-ce qu’il se passe avec mes investissements crypto si je meurs demain ?”

    C’est peut-être aussi parce que je vis dans un pays où tu risques presque ta vie à chaque fois que tu essaies de traverser la route. 🙂

  • @cryptofolie
    J’ai également une fille (et une compagne) et j’ai préféré passer par la solution des paperwallets. Un QR code, c’est beaucoup plus facile à comprendre…!

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